Sunday, 4 December 2016

Perth 2016 ! Part 3 ( Fremantle , Cicerello's Fremantle , Scitech )

Day 7 ( 071016 )

Our first morning at Uncle William's house and we actually woke up pretty early today as we will need to return our rental car at 8am . 
His son , Alex is gonna be our tour guide for the next few days and we decided to meet him in the city instead . 
I mean we are staying at his place but i wouldn't wanna wake him up at 8 am so i decided to walk around the city and took some cute photos while waiting for him . 

Here are the photos we took while waiting for Alex .

Bacon ! It tastes hella good !

1 AUD dollar 

The last time i saw him was 2 years ago when he came to KK to visit his relatives . 
He is actually my dad's cousin but his family migrated to Perth 30-40 years ago , so he was basically born and raised in Australia . 
A truly Aussie who don't speak mandarin or hakka at all .

We decided to go to Fremantle and fish and chip is definitely a MUST TRY in Fremantle !
Well first , we decided to drop by at the Fremantle markets . 

Alex haha

Our fav ! 

Next , we decided to visit theFremantle Prison , each ticket costs 20 AUS dollar and the whole visit took us an hour and 15 minutes . 
There are a few different tour packages and we chose Doing Time.

Went home right after the visit and had dinner with Alex , his gf , Uncle William and Aunt Mary at an asian restaurant yay !

Day 8 ( 081016 )

We were supposed to go to Rottness Island today but the weather was too bad . 
I don't think it will be safe for island hopping hence we decided to cancel the plan last minute .

Alex suggested this place for lunch , i don't quite remember the name of the place hmm .

We decided to spend our afternoon at Scitech . Hmm , i think Scitech is not as good as Petrosains , they have quite limited displays there .

Day 9 ( 091016 )

We went to the airport at 4am since our flight departs at 7am . 
Aunt Mary was so nice to offer us a ride to the airport .
Thank you once again for taking good care of us during our stay in Perth . 
We had such a great time here in Perth . 

Breakfast at the airport 

To my boo , thank you for making our vacation so well-planned , i had so much fun traveling with you, my best travel companion !

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